12 Easy Ways You Can Touch Up Your Kitchen

Winter is a great time to update the interior of your home. The kitchen is probably looking pretty drab about now, so let’s look at 12 quick and easy ways to give your kitchen a facelift. Most of these items can be completed in a single weekend if you’re the DIY type. Or you can call us for full day handyman service and we can get it all done in a day.

  1. You know we love paint! Paint the walls a nice, neutral color that will complement your cabinets and backsplash. Paint the cabinets or shelving. Paint the ceiling! One of the best ways to create a unique appearance is to mix a very small amount of your wall color with bright white paint and use that on the ceiling instead of solid white.
  2. Varying Textures. Painted wood cabinets pair well with stainless appliances. Accents may include a stained wood kitchen island and a granite countertop. The backsplash can be the same color as the cabinets, but as long as it’s a different texture, it won’t blend. Woven or patterned rugs help add more variety to the room overall.
  3. Use Open Shelving. Open shelving gives you plenty of space to store things while providing an excellent spot to display decorative items. Stagger your shelving for a unique effect.
  4. Create Contrast. Use dark and light colors or patterns to create contrast and depth.
  5. New Hardware and Faucets. Kitchen cabinet hardware has a very bold impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. Choose new hardware and a new faucet to fit the new style.
  6. New Faceplates for Outlets and Light Switches. Colorful faceplates can add to the overall decor of the room. Decorative and themed faceplates are also a very nice option.
  7. Get Creative with Lighting. Add task lighting, under or over cabinet lighting, and ambient lighting. Use light to highlight artwork or your favorite items.
  8. Add Base Lighting. Base lighting is installed below the base cabinets and can be used to light your way for that midnight healthy snack. Because all midnight snacks are healthy, right?
  9. Add Artwork. Wall space may be at a premium, but add some artwork wherever possible. Consider unique picture frames with interesting pictures for the countertop or open shelving if you don’t have wall space.
  10. Install a Fun Backsplash. Don’t stick with a boring subway tile backsplash or those peel and stick sheets of tile. Get creative with your backsplash. Use wine corks, bottle tops, or custom tiles made using pictures of your family or pets.
  11. Visit Your Local Thrift Stores or Habitat ReStore. Create a totally unique appeal by mixing the old with the new. Find some old cabinets or repurposed items to implement in your kitchen.
  12. Choose Your Splurge Items Carefully. We would never recommend that you avoid splurge items. Every kitchen needs at least one amazing item that you’ve splurged on.

The kitchen is a very fun room for us because it makes such an impact on the homeowner’s life. We enjoy turning a drab and blah kitchen into an amazing space that you enjoy.

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